Monday, May 30, 2011

Open Studios: Hunter's Point Shipyard (cont'd)

Jim Hutchinson
Jim Hutchinson's art cannot be ignored. His vibrant colors and abstract designs caught our eye and he soon became one of our favorite artists of the day. Meeting him was an even more vibrant experience. He is shockingly blatant, and answered our questions in a surprisingly honest manner. When asked what he thought the next art movement will become, he claimed that contemporary art is "wide-ranging," and that all artists are seem to be doing a different thing.

Hutchinson, like many of the other artists we spoke to at the open studios, claimed that he makes art not to sell, but because he loves to do it. Artwork that is being sold these days, according to him, is "so simple and tame," causing it to even turn into its own industry. He claims that artists who make art only to sell it are "getting involved in the whole machine," and that is not his style.

We both loved not only his artwork, but his style of creating it and also his mentality. Hutchinson's art was comprised of both smaller and huge pieces, many of which were comprised of even smaller ones. His art was extremely detailed and time-consuming, with him spending almost everyday of two years working on one piece of artwork.

Unfortunately, Jim Hutchinson has no website, and he even claimed that "if [he] had any brains, [he'd] be on the internet, but [he's] not because [he] is busy working instead."

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